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Tea over Coffee? Tea Time.

L-Theanine is the secret ingredient in Tea that makes you calm and focused. Coffee has more caffeine than tea of course. 

While coffee contains more caffeine than tea (1) (200 mg vs 70 mg (black) or 45 (green)), tea is said to provide a more stable and long-lasting effect minus the jittery jolt you get from coffee.

While jittery jolts have their place, many people prefer the gentler effect of the stimulants in tea, achievable without quite so much caffeine. Tea works because what caffeine it does have, works synergistically with these other compounds (mentioned just above) to provide an overall stimulating effect without the jittery jolt.

Here’s how that works, compound by compound…

L-theanine increases alertness

L-theanine is found in tea and chocolate but it’s not a stimulant in the traditional sense of the word. An amino acid, it has been shown to have a direct effect on the brain but unlike a stimulant, it works to actually relax the mind. Yet like a stimulant it does play a crucial role in mental alertness.

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