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Wag! Los Angeles Dog Walking & Dog Sitting. Great Idea or Shady Business Model?

Wag is an app that allows you to get your dog walked by people from the internet. Another gig Economy style startup. As a walker you really have liability but what about the dog owner? More importantly the home owner.

This Wag reviewer had this to say about their experience.

"My Wag walker stole food and beverage from me (essentially raided the fridge). Even stole a frozen package of bacon hoping I wouldn't notice because I shop Costco and had 2 other frozen packages. They admitted to taking food and beverage but said I told them it was okay to. I am not at all a generous person so that is very out of character of me to offer food for a 30 minute walk. What is weird about the situation is that I got a notification from the app that they would arrive at 7:30. It was 7:50 and I did not get an update so I logged into my IP camera to see what was up. My dog was sitting in his bed, no sign of the walker. Then as I turned the camera my walker must have heard the noise and immediately peaked around the corner. Right then I got a notification that she had arrived and the walk was started. Very odd, it was almost like she was surprised by my presence. The way I see it, she arrived on time but did not log in so she could raid my fridge then when she realized I had a camera and was using it she immediately started the walk. If my camera was angled at the fridge this would be case closed. She also left my door unlocked even though we agreed on placing them in the lock box Wag provided.

They claim they are insured and bonded but that is only when it comes to your pet. If you used this app and the person robbed you blind Wag would tell you to have a nice day and they have no responsibility. Your renters or home owners insurance would say "sorry can't help you" because you allowed this person to enter your house and therefore aren't covered.

It is pointless to use this app if you as the customer are taking such large risks. I am lucky enough to lose out on under $20 but I want to warn others not to use this app until they create reasonable insurance to cover your potential loss as the customer. Extremely poor business model and basically using a grey area in the law. SCAM. Please learn from my mistake. If I get another Wag walk I will be home when they arrive which really defeats the purpose."


Going through their sign up is asking for a three references and some some simple questions about dogs. Which anyone can find the answers using google since the application is not timed. 

It seems like Wag is a good concept but a liability for the home owner. With some work on the legal side and responsibilty side for the Dog Owner is improved this could be a great way to earn extra money.

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